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Lekhak Pravin

Who is Lekhak Pravin?

“Lekhak Pravin is a writer, traveler and content creator. Through his website, Pravin has created a platform wherein he shares his travel experiences and escapades. He believes that “Experiences Are Eternal” and to share each of his experiences Pravin K Pathak transforms himself to Lekhak Pravin. This website is a stage wherein all his travel experiences come live. Explore the places on this website virtually that Pravin has been to physically.

Here’s what he has to say: “I feel that every place has its own essence, its own uniqueness, its own diversity and its people of course. With the help of my website, I try to bring all of that to you; as much as I can capture the world with my lens and pen down my feelings, I would share it with you through this medium.”

Whereabouts | Lekhak Pravin

Where am I planning to go next?
– Well, the answer to that question is unknown to me as well. I feel that unplanned trips are the best. This is my deadline and I have to plan and execute a travel by the time the timer turns 0. Interesting, ain’t it not?


Until The Next Trip Begins

Lekhak Pravin Next Trip

My World Is Monochrome,
I’m Out Finding Colors!

-Lekhak Pravin

Explore These Continents Here

Updates | Lekhak Pravin

Do not miss an update from my latest trips. Here’s to the places I have just been to.
Will be sharing the blogs super soon everywhere.

Places | Lekhak Pravin

What is it about traveling that gives me such a strong calling?
– I often wonder the answer to the question. I feel like there’s a child within me that has to see the world, be to different places, gather each and every experience possible, because the child within is scared of’ ‘Uncertainty’.

Uncertainty of life! I feel that life’s quite uncertain. We never know when it would be our last time here in this world. So, the child inside me wants to explore each and every corner of the world and gather as many experiences as he could.

Here’s a sneak peek into the types of places I have been to. Feel free to explore these categories as well.


Mountains 1





Roads And Mountain Passes

Roads and Mountain Passes by Lekhak Pravin

Rivers And Lakes

Rivers and Lakes by Lekhak Pravin


Treks by Lekhak Pravin

Dreams | Lekhak Pravin

As a traveler, I have some places that I have to visit in this life of mine. These places are a part of my Bucket List. I have to go to these places and experience what it feels like being there. Some such places, I have mentioned below, and for the others, refer to my blog: My Bucket List Places: Places Every Traveler Must Visit

Lekhak Pravin has a dream of summiting Mount Everest

“The adrenaline rush that comes when you feel that you have reached the highest piece of land on the planet can second to none. This has to be one of my bucket list adventures. I know it would take a tremendous amount of money and I also need to be at the very best of my physical self, but I’ll soon get to that. I manifest it from the core of my heart to climb Mount Everest!”My Journal, 2020

Lekhak Pravin wants To See Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

“I have always seen places like Iceland and wondered how otherworldly they seem. I have seen many magical things in the Disney movies and when I researched I got to know that one of those is ‘Aurora Borealis’, or the Northern Lights’. Trust me, this is one place I want to visit so bad. I hope one day I could see the hanging green lights in the skyline of the Northern Hemisphere.” – My Travelogue, 2021

Where Are You Planning To Go?

Here’s a list of each of the Indian States and Union Territories.

Before you plan on leaving out on your next trip, do not forget to check the reviews I have made on each Indian state and Union Territory. Click on the region of your choice to know more about it. Happy travels!

Features | Lekhak Pravin

Here’s a list of some of the featured places of Indian subcontinent, crafted with love by Lekhak Pravin.

Lekhak Pravin has found his place all across the web, be it on the Google SERPs or the Social Media or YouTube, or platforms like Quora, Pinterest and LinkedIn as well. Do feel free to connect with Lekhak Pravin on your favorite online portals. The social links have been added below for your convenience.

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Experiences are Eternal” is a tagline that I use for my works, because I feel that everyone in this world has their own share of experiences that are completely different from the others’. Well, through this platform, I present you all with my share of experiences. I show you guys what I see through my eyes and I genuinely hope you guys would love it!

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Who knew where life would drag me next, right? I felt the same when I set out on my first solo adventure. Let me tell you, things have been a wild ride ever since! Traveling is like Hogwarts magic, except without the wands (unfortunately). Follow along as I kick off my crazy travel expeditions!

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