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Are You Planning A Trip In India?

You got nothing to worry if you are here making a plan for your trip. Here’s a list categorized according to the months of the places that you can visit. The list is a work of thorough research and is made with the purpose of providing you the best experience in all!

Happy Travels to all of you! Stay safe and maintain cleanliness.

Embark on a thrilling adventure as I unfold the magic of travel on my dedicated ‘Travel’ page. This space is exclusively crafted for all the travel enthusiasts out there – a rendezvous for those who seek the joy of exploration and the beauty found in every journey.

I’ll take you on a virtual tour through the incredible landscapes of India, sharing stories of treks in mesmerizing regions like Sikkim and Himachal. From the majestic mountains to the serene beaches along the Indian coastline, our narratives are windows into the diverse tapestry of experiences.

But that’s not all – accompany me as I delve into the heart of local communities, capturing the essence of their traditions and stories. Through the lens of our adventures, we bring you closer to the vibrancy of North India, North-East India, and the tranquil allure of Indian sea beaches.

Expect more than just words – my ‘Travel‘ page is a visual feast with captivating captures that freeze the moments in time. Every photograph is a story waiting to be told, inviting you to witness the beauty of our wanderings.

So, whether you’re an avid trekker, a beach lover, or someone who simply craves the thrill of exploration, this page is your passport to a world of discovery. Join me as I navigate the landscapes, culture, and hidden gems, one article and stunning capture at a time.

Let the journey begin!

Places I Have Traveled To So Far

Here’s a list of the places I have been to ever since I stepped down on this soil. Have a great experience reading about them and also it would help you plan your next holiday properly.

My Travel Gallery

Bakkhali Sea Beach

Beaches, Travel, Pravin Pathak, Lekhak Pravin, Experiences Are Eternal How to reach bakkhali sea beach, best weekend getaway
Towards Infinity

This particular image is an epitome to itself. Carries so many emotions altogether. The snail is moving towards something that has got no end, unknown of the very fact that one large wave can wipe off it’s mere existence, just like us. Bakkhali was a great getaway for me.

Radhanagar Sea Beach

Bakkhali Sea Beach, Beaches, How to reach bakkhali sea beach, best weekend getaway
Impressions on Sand

What are we going to leave behind when we leave this world? The question pops up in my head so many times and I do not recall a single time when I had the answer to it. The waves that came after this click, wiped off the impressions. Had a great time at Radhanagar Sea Beach.

Lachen, North Sikkim

Houses in the laps of the Himalayas Lekhak Pravin, Travel, Mountains
In The Lap Of The Himalayas

Sikkim is paradise for people who love all kinds of mountain terrain. From lush-green meadows to waterfalls, to dry cold deserts, to snow laden peaks, everything that you look for and more is available in Sikkim. Visit today.

Lachung, North-Sikkim

Greater Himalayas - Sikkim Lekhak Pravin
“Peek-a-Boo” Said Himalayas!

“So beautiful, so elegant, just looking like a wow!” is the first thought that pops up in the mind of anyone who looks at the Himalayan peaks. It feels as if some blind person suddenly was able to see. Traveling To Sikkim is a bliss.

Experiencing Sikkim

Viewpoint In Sikkim, Lekhak Pravin
Enchants Thy Soul

Yes, you heard that right. Sikkim is one such place, you can never get enough of. So I am experiencing it more than exploring it. You can read everything about Sikkim here and more. It definitely is one of the best places out there in India, if not the globe. Everyone should pay a visit to this paradise.

Gurudongmar Lake

Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim Lekhak Pravin
Greatness of Gurudongmar

If I say, I feel empty, please believe me, because a part of me, I have left back in Gurudongmar Lake. Gurudongmar Lake is situated at a height of 17,800 feet above the sea level and it is the best place to visit in the entire sub-continent. You need to take the experience of that place if you are a traveler.

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