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In today’s world wherein everybody has access to facetime and social media, it is also vital to stay in touch the old school way. Yup, I am talking about mails. Below is a form attached for you to fill up if you want to contact Lekhak Pravin for any query or offers that you may have in the box for me. However if you have a business opportunity, feel free to schedule a meeting with me too. For that purpose, send me a mail over here.

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If I am Not Answering Your Texts, I’m Probably Out Exploring

There are places on this planet that are cut off from the outer world of chaos. Speaking honestly, those are the best places to be in. If I am not able to send you a prompt reply, know that I’m either trekking a mountain top, or diving deep under the ocean, or am probably stranded on an unknown island with no signs of network. In whatsoever case, I’ll surely get back to you as soon as I get your message.

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Why To Contact Lekhak Pravin?

If You Need A Perfect Trip Planned

Well, if you are a travel freak and you’re looking for that one big adventure, but you do not know where or how to set out, Lekhak Pravin guides you towards one of your best travel experiences. if my blogs do not come in handy, feel free to send me a text, I’ll make sure your next trip is perfectly planned. I can help you plan that perfect trip that you have always dreamt of!

If You Need A Search Engine Optimized Content On Your Website

Are you worried about the content on your site not being able to rank on Google Search? Well you needn’t be worried anymore. Lekhak Pravin has also got an experience in Search Engine Optimization for over 4 years now. This is his territory and he can help you rank on Google on your desired keywords in any niche of your choosing. With his knowledge in the field, he can help you get traffic to your website at quite affordable rates.

If You Need An Advertisement To Be Shot

Yep! You heard that right. If you are looking for just the right advertising strategy that fits your pocket needs too, Lekhak Pravin is the person you may want to contact. From engaging videos optimized for social media, to flyers, banners and posters, Lekhak Pravin has got all the aspects covered. Feel free to write a mail to him about your business opportunity.

If You Want To Connect

Namaste fellow creators. If you want to connect with me, why wait?

Below are my social media handles, feel free to surf and follow me if you like. I might end up on a trip with you too. Let’s travel and make the world our canvas. Let us connect today. Eagerly waiting for your responses.

If You Need Guest Posts/ Sponsored Articles Published

Well if you’re hoping for a travel guest posting site, I am disappointed to say that my website doesn’t allow any guest post on it. However, I may be able to add the link to your target URL to a content that I would specially write for you and that will be properly optimized. However, I hope you understand the time and research it would take me. Keeping that in mind the rates have been kept. If you are still interested in guest posting or link insertion on my website, write me a mail, I’ll get back to you super soon.

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