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Explore The World And More With
Lekhak Pravin

Explore the World With Lekhak Pravin. Travel with Pravin to different places

Namaste fellow viewers and readers!

I hope you’re familiar with my name by now and also have figured out what I do. Well this page is dedicated to all of you who love to travel and seek different experiences and also make sudden plans and trips. Also, if you’re not interested in these stuffs, but want to get knowledge about some of the greatest places on the planet, you’re on the best page there is for that.

This page is dedicated to the explorer within me, who loves to gather information about places in the best possible manner and serve them fresh on your table. I love to share my experiences and this page is all about me exploring the different places of the world and savoring each experience I gather.

Explore Continents Of The Planet With
Lekhak Pravin

This image below opens up to a portal wherein all the articles from different continents of the world have found their place. Click now and set out to explore the category of different continents of the world. Do not forget to know about each place before you set out on your adventure and for that you can always count on my blog’s authenticity.

Explore Continents of The World with Lekhak Pravin

World Map

Here’s a map of the world, you can surf the place of your convenience and choice to explore. Click on the continent and you are good to go. I have sub-categorized Continents into their names and added blogs of the famous places in those sub-categories. Do refer to the blogs for more detail.

This was the map of the world. Feel free to explore the places properly.


Explore India With
Lekhak Pravin

Let me guide you through each and every state of the Indian subcontinent. Currently India has 28 States and 8 Union Territories and my Indian Map is divided into those 28 States and 8 Union Territories. Refer to the below map for guide through the country’s states and union territories.

Indian States At A Glance

Explore India with Lekhak Pravin

There are a total of 28 states in India. I have assembled all the 28 states and compiled travel plans for each state so that you do not miss out on the best experience of your lifetime. Explore the Indian States with Lekhak Pravin as they are meant to be explored.


Indian Union Territories At A Glance

India has a total of 8 Union Territories (UTs). Explore all the 8 Union Territories with Lekhak Pravin as they are meant to be explored. From the National Capital of Delhi, to the 2 great island groups of India, you have got everything covered here.

Places To Travel

Here’s a list of some of the featured places to visit and make a memorable experience according to your wish. Do explore this category as well and do not forget to check out the blogs on the location of your choice.

Explore Mountains with Lekhak Pravin
Treks by Lekhak Pravin
Explore Indian Forests With Lekhak Pravin
Roads and Mountain Passes by Lekhak Pravin
Rivers and Lakes by Lekhak Pravin
Explore Indian Beaches With Lekhak Pravin
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