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What Is The Best Time For Winter Trek In India? – Best Winter Trek Experience 2024

It is that time of the year when you are officially tired of all the work you have been doing throughout the year and take out time for yourself. It is the time of winters and with winters kicking in, a question follows. What is the best time for winter trek in India? Where can I get the best Winter Trek Experience? 

Winter Trekking season in India does not last long. It is there for a duration of three months which can max out to four in some cases, for some places. But the season that lasts for three complete months brings with it some really great experience. In my last blog I talked about the best winter treks in India. And here, in this blog I aim to let you know the best time for you to plan a winter trek in India.

Best Time For Winter Trek In India

Winter is here, and while some folks love staying cozy under their blankets, others, like me, can’t resist the adventure of the great outdoors. Picture this: frozen lakes, snow-covered pine trees, and amazing trails—perfect for a winter trek up a snowy mountain, camping out for a few days, and just soaking in nature with a bit of guidance.

Winter trekking in India, especially in the Himalayas, is like a dream come true, but you’ve got to be ready. The mountain weather can get seriously chilly and tricky, ranging from around 20°C to 10°C during the day and even dropping below -10° or -20° at night. But fear not! This winter trekking guide is here to help you tackle the cold, no matter how freezing it gets!

Imagine camping under the starry sky, surrounded by snowy landscapes—it’s an adventure worth experiencing. Follow along as I share my experience and tell you why to avoid treks in December and plan one in the month of January or February and help you decide the best time for winter trek in India.

Why You Should Avoid Treks In December?

If you’re thinking about a snowy winter trek, I suggest going in January or February instead of December. I know some folks might be surprised by this advice. December seems like the perfect time for many because of holidays, Christmas, New Year, and all that. I get it. People want to use up their leaves or take advantage of their kids’ school vacations.

But here’s the thing about December—it’s got some challenges. First off, flights are super expensive, even if you plan way ahead. Second, finding a hotel can be a real hassle, and when you do find one, they often charge double the usual rates. Lastly, everywhere you go is crowded, including the trekking trails.

Let me break down that last point a bit more. The crowds in December are so big; it’s like a mountain of people! Check out this graph based on four years of data. It shows a huge spike in December, but then things calm down a lot in January and February.

Why concentration of trekkers in December is a big issue?

Because I feel that it takes away the joy and peace of trekking. Instead of quiet trails, you might encounter loud music and busy campsites. Nights meant for relaxation turn into noisy gatherings with campfires and, well, not-so-orderly behavior. Campsites struggle with limited resources—space, water, and even toilets can be hard to find. If you’re going for a summit, imagine waiting in lines and dealing with big crowds at the top. Not exactly the peaceful summit experience you’d hope for, right?

Why January and February Are The Best Month For Winter Trekking In India?

The December crowds can be a bit of a turn-off for many trekkers planning their winter trek in India. However, the main reason I strongly suggest planning your trek for January or February is because these months mark the peak of the big snow season in India. January and February are guaranteed to give you a better snow experience than that of December.

Best Time For Winter Treks In India, Lekhak Pravin, best winter trek, best winter trek in India
Image Credit – Bikat Adventures

When we talk about December, it’s more like the beginning of winter. That’s when you might catch the first glimpse of snow, but it’s just the start. The real winter magic happens in January and February, lasting until mid-March. These are the months when the Himalayan treks get transformed into a stunning snowy paradise. And people who set out on winter treks are treated with nothing less than the best snow experience in India, during these months.

So, to put it simply, if you’re looking for that picturesque winter wonderland experience in India or planning a short winter trek, January and February are the prime months and your perfect choice. That’s when the mountains are draped in a thick, luxurious layer of snow, creating a serene and breathtaking landscape. Most of us venture into the mountains during winter to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse ourselves in the tranquility of a snowy setting and the initial months of the year surely offer you that.

Places You Should Consider Traveling To For Treks In Winter

In my previous blog, I talked in detail about the places you should consider traveling to for treks in Winter. Here is a list of my top ten treks when it comes to winter treks in India.

  1. Chadar Trek
  2. Brahmatal Trek
  3. Kuari Pass Trek
  4. Har Ki Dun Trek
  5. Kedarkantha Trek
  6. Dayara Bugyal Trek
  7. The Goecha La Trek
  8. Panwali Kantha Trek
  9. Sandakphu-Phalut Trek
  10. Chopta – Chandrashila Trek

These are the top 10 of my favorite winter treks in India. These are the best treks to set out on in the months of December, January and February. If you are looking for some great experience for treks in Winter, this list could come in handy for you. 


I hope I was able to give you enough information about the best time for winter treks in India and you were able to make progress with your winter plans this year. The places mentioned in the list are based on my liking and taste and I am sure you will love them too. Feel free to read other blogs on the website too.

Make sure to be well covered with proper layering of warm wear if you are planning to set out on a winter trek. Please do not litter or destroy such amazing places by throwing plastic wastes. Be responsible citizens and avoid causing any destruction to such amazing places for your convenience. 

Happy Travels.

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