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How To Reach Bakkhali Sea Beach - Best Weekend Getaway

How To Reach Bakkhali Sea Beach? – Best Weekend Getaway

About Bakkhali Sea Beach

In this blog I talk about the different ways on how to reach Bakkhali sea beach. If you followed my last blog about Bakkhali Sea beach, I described Bakkhali and said, Bakkhali in West Bengal is one of those small getaway locations where you do not find a host of crowded people. Bakkhali on the map is at the extreme south of the state of West Bengal and is a part of the many deltaic islands that open up to the vast Bay of Bengal. Bakkhali is around 130 km from Kolkata, the city of joy.

Bakkhali forms the outer fringes of the Sundarbans. Bakkhali is connected with the capital city of Kolkata by NH 117 at a distance of around 130 km from Kolkata. Bakkhali is a part of Southern Bengal and it extends from Fraserganj for a distance of 8 kilometers.”

Bakkhali sea beach is one such place where you, along with your family or friends can have a really fun weekend getaway. Bakkhali is a great serene getaway from the daily hustle-bustle of life. I have taken the trip recently and I loved every bit of it. In this blog I talk about the different ways on how to reach Bakkhali sea beach.

How To Reach Bakkhali Sea Beach?

How To Reach Bakkhali Sea Beach? – For Best Weekend Getaway

Bakkhali is a well connected place with Kolkata. There are many ways to reach the Bakkhali Sea Beach. How to reach Bakkhali Sea Beach is a question that depends on the mode of your convenience. There are trains running between the two locations and Kolkata and Bakkhali are quite well connected with roads via the National Highway. Here are some of the best ways to reach Bakkhali Sea Beach for the best weekend getaway.

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How to reach bakkhali sea beach, best weekend getaway
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How To Reach Bakkhali Sea Beach By Road?

Kolkata to Bakkhali distance is around 130 km and the two places are connected by the NH 117, now known as NH 12. It takes around 4 hours to reach the destination. From Joka, located in the south-western edge of Kolkata, Bakkhali is around 125 km away. The road to Bakkhali Sea Beach runs through Diamond Harbour to Namkhana, crossing the Hatania-Doania Bridge. The journey is really a smooth and hassle-free experience.

NH 12 (National Highway) is a series of roads linking the Mumbai and Delhi section of the golden quadrangle project that link all the four metro cities of India. The 130 km road is a great journey in all to travel to Bakkhali. The road journey is quite comfortable. One can either take their bike or drive their car to Bakkhali. A bike ride is a good experience too.

How To Reach Bakkhali Sea Beach By Train?

The nearest railway station is at Namkhana. There are regular trains running from Sealdah to Lakshmikantapur and Kakdwip to Namkhana. The journey takes 2 to 3 hours to complete. From Namkhana station you will get a van rickshaw to reach the bus stand where Bakkhali-bound buses are available which take around 45 mins to 1 hr with a fare below INR 30.

Bakkhali Sea Beach, Bay of Bengal Waves
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Trains To Bakkhali From Sealdah

There are three trains that run from Sealdah that can take you to Bakkhali:

  1. Train Number: 34792: Sealdah – Namkhana Local – The first train runs from Sealdah to Namkhana which departs at 13:20 in the afternoon and arrives at Namkhana at 15:55.
  1. Train Number: 34782: Sealdah – Kakdwip Local – This is the train that takes you to Kakdwip which is a bit more away from the beach than Namkhana. It departs from Sealdah Railway Station at 20:30 hours and you reach there by 22:56 at night. 
  1. Train Number: 34794: Sealdah – Namkhana Galloping Local – The train departs Sealdah at 21:30 hours and you reach Namkhana by 00:06 hours. 

Among these three trains running between the two locations, the only suitable one is the first one. The Sealdah – Namkhana local takes you to Namkhana at a suitable time for you to reach Bakkhali during the day time when the sun has not set, rather than odd midnight hours when it becomes difficult to find any proper ride to your stay at Bakkhali.

You can book your journey from IRCTC.

Trains To Bakkhali From Howrah

No trains operate from Howrah to take you to Bakkhali. If you need a train to reach Bakkhali, you can however take a bus to Sealdah and then board a train from there. Sealdah has three trains running that can help you reach Bakkhali for the best weekend getaway experience.

Train To Bakkhali From Kolkata

There are no trains to Namkhana from Kolkata either so it leaves Sealdah Railway Station as the only possible option if you opt for a train ride. You can take a bus to Sealdah and then board a train from there. Sealdah has three trains running that can help you reach Bakkhali. 

Railway Stations Near Bakkhali

There are two railway stations near Bakkhali, Namkhana and Kakdwip. Totos, private cabs, auto-rickshaws and tempo services operate from both Namkhana and Kakdwip for Bakkhali. Once you’ve got down on the station you can take any one according to your convenience to reach Bakkhali Sea Beach.

How To Reach Bakkhali Sea Beach By Bus?

Reaching Bakkhali by Bus is another option of traveling to Bakkhali. WBSTC has regular bus services from Esplanade to Bakkhali. You can reach Bakkhali easily from Kolkata by NH 12. Bakkhali-bound buses are available at Esplanade (Kolkata). Private bus services are also available to Bakkhali.

Bus From Kolkata To Bakkhali

Nearly 1 bus operates each day from Kolkata to Bakkhali. The top bus operators for Kolkata to Bakkhali bus route are: West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC), Red Bus, etcetera. You can board the bus from Kolkata from many points including Esplanade Bus stand, Karunamoyee, Babughat, etc.

The main dropping points in Bakkhali are the Bakkhali Bus Stand, Bakkhali, etc. The minimum fare for a bus ticket starts from INR 102. The WBTC (CTC) Howrah – Bakkhali Bus offers the cheapest fare from Kolkata to Bakkhali. The first bus from Kolkata departs at 7:50 a.m. sharp. 

Bakkhali Sea Beach, How to reach bakkhali sea beach, best weekend getaway
Foot Impressions on the Coast of Bakkhali – Clicked by Lekhak Pravin


I hope I was able to clearly depict the different ways to reach Bakkhali Sea Beach for your ideal weekend getaway from West Bengal. From buses to trains to road trips, you can opt for any mode of transport according to your convenience. You can read my other blogs for some great experiences because I always say that Experiences are Eternal.

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