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Mandarmani Beach Blog By Lekhak Pravin

Mandarmani Beach – Best Beach Experience 2024

Mandarmani Sea Beach or Mandarmani Beach is a sea beach or say a sea-side resort village situated in Mandarmani, West Bengal. Mandarmani is one of the best places to visit if you are planning a weekend getaway in West Bengal. Mandarmani Beach is one of the best beaches in India, not only West Bengal.

In this blog, I will tell you all about everything that you need to know before you visit Mandarmani Sea Beach so that you have a smooth, comfortable experience while in Mandarmani. Also, if you are looking for the best weekend getaway in West Bengal, I have uploaded a blog on the same: Best Offbeat Destination In West Bengal For Weekend Getaways

A Cycle at Mandarmani Beach
Captured by Lekhak Pravin

How To Reach Mandarmani Beach?

If you are planning to visit Mandarmani for your next weekend trip, you have to know how to reach Mandarmani Beach. Reaching Mandarmani by road is the best option to reach Mandarmani. Back in time you could easily drive across the beach, but recently the local police have restricted private cars to drive across the beach. A proper road has, however, been built allowing tourists to reach their hotels from the backside. 

The nearest railway stations are Contai Railway Station (Purba Medinipur) and Ashapurna Devi Railway Station (Digha). The railway stations are well connected to Mandarmani Beach. The nearest airport is in Kolkata. There are also multiple buses running every half-hour from 7 am till 6 pm from Kolkata.

Reach Mandarmani Beach By car

Reaching Mandarmani Sea Beach by car is the best possible way to reach the beach. You get the best experience of the Mandarmani Sea Beach if you travel there by road. Once you’ve left Kolkata, after crossing the Vidyasagar Setu, you take the Kona Expressway that leads to Mumbai Road. 

Driving to Mandarmani Beach via Kolaghat

The total drive from Kolkata to Mandarmani takes about 3.5 to 4 hours from Kolkata via Kolaghat and Nandakumar. From Nandakumar there is a right turn towards Contai which further meets a village named Mandarmani. There are two toll plazas on the route at Dhulagarh and Sonapetya.

The distance between Kolkata and Mandarmani is 175 kilometers at an approximation.

Reach Mandarmani Beach By Train

If you’re looking to reach Mandarmani by train, I have to tell you that Mandarmani does not have a railway station of its own. The two nearest Railway Stations from Mandarmani are Contai (approx. 17 km from Mandarmani) and Digha (approx. 30 km from Mandarmani Beach) are the nearest railway stations. 

Cabs and buses are available from both the railway stations to reach Mandarmani. They will take you to Mandarmani in about 45 minutes. However, if you’re planning a trip, you need to travel in such a way that you don’t worry about missing that train, or not getting that cab or bus in time. 

I personally feel that traveling to Mandarmani by car or a private vehicle is way better than doing so by train. However, traveling to Mandarmani by train saves you those extra bucks that you spend on fuel and other amenities.  

Where is Mandarmani Sea Beach located?

Mandarmani Sea Beach lies in Mandarmani which is a seaside resort village in West Bengal, India. Mandarmani lies in the East Midnapore district of West Bengal (now Bengal). It is situated at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal and comes in the list of one of the largest seaside resorts of India. It is located under Contai Sub division area.

Sunrise at Mandarmani Beach captured by Lekhak Pravin

Mandarmani is approximately 170 kilometers from Kolkata. It lies on the Kolkata – Digha route on the Mumbai Highway via Kolaghat and Kanthi (Contai). Mandarmani Beach has been argued to be the longest drivable beach in India. However, now the local police do not allow people to drive anymore. 

Top Places to Visit in Mandarmani

Mandarmani is a very good place to visit and is mostly known for its beaches. But there’s more to the place than just the beach. The top places to visit in Mandarmani are mentioned below:

Chandaneswar Shiv Temple

Chandaneswar Shiv Temple in Mandarmani Beach, Kokata
Image of Chandaneswar Shiva Temple

Amarabati Park

Image of Amarabati Park, Digha

Marine Aquarium & Regional Centre

Visual Image of Marine Aquarium & Regional Centre

Shankarpur Beach

Shankarpur Beach in Mandarmani
Image of Shankarpur Beach near Mandarmani

Why Is Mandarmani Sea Beach Famous?

Mandarmani Sea Beach is considered to be the longest drivable beach in India. Mandarmani Beach is famous because of its vast sandy stretches and adventurous water sport activities. It is a 13 kilometer long beach wherein you can find red crabs crawling. The red crabs and the long coastline and the adventurous water sports have made the Mandarmani Beach famous among the travelers.

Adventure Sports at Mandarmani Beach

Normally, the best time to visit this place would be during the winters to enjoy a relaxing maritime climate, but you can also have a great experience of the place in monsoons. However, Mandarmani is one such place that receives a number of travelers throughout the year.

You can even enjoy Mandarmani during the summers due to the large number of lavish resorts that it has. You can stay in your hotel rooms or the swimming pool during the day-time when the sun is overhead and get out to the beaches, either early in the morning to find the perfect sunrise views, or during the evening to spend quality time.

Other Name(s) Of Mandarmani

You might have read Mandarmani as Mandarmoni or Madarmoni at times in different places. According to Wikipedia, “Initially, after its discovery, Mandarmani beach was named Mandarboni and also Madar Mani. But with time it came to be known as Mandarmani.” These are the different names associated with Mandarmani.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is Mandarmani safe for girls?

Personally, the people in Mandarmani are quite humble and helpful. I did not find anything that would make the place seem unsafe for girls. However, I’ll suggest keeping the group bigger for a better experience. In conclusion, Mandarmani is a place that is safe for girls.

Which month is best for Mandarmani?

Mandarmani is best during winters in India. From the month of November to February, Mandarmani gives you the best experience. However, I have personally felt that during monsoons, Mandarmani gives you a whole different experience which you are definitely going to love.

How many hours from Kolkata to Mandarmani?

The distance between Kolkata and Mandarmani is around 170 kilometers. I went to Mandarmani by car and it took me 4 hours to reach there. Depending upon the condition of the roads and traffic, it takes anywhere from 3.5 hours to 4 hours to reach Mandarmani from Kolkata. 

Which is better, Tajpur or Mandarmani?

When it comes to a comparison between Tajpur and Mandarmani, I personally feel that the Mandarmani beaches are much better than those at Shankarpur or Tajpur. Mandarmani beaches are better because they are cleaner and safer than the other two.

Is one day enough for Mandarmani?

Yes, there is not much to explore in Mandarmani other than the beaches and a couple of temples. However, just a day does no justice to the place and I feel that Mandarmani is perfect for an entire weekend plan, be it with your family or friends.

Which Is Better, Mandarmani or Digha?

While Mandarmani is a better option any day than Digha, I feel that if you’re visiting Mandarmani Beach, you should also go and pay a visit to Digha and visit both these places together. However, if it is just about Mandarmani and Digha, I feel that visiting Mandarmani is a better option than Digha, owing to its vast expanse of sand and the numerous adventure sports.

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